Aerocool Strike-X GT Mid-Tower Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts


We have a few bones to pick with the Strike-X GT. Most of them involve the build quality of the chassis, which is full of useful features that have been poorly implemented. A little more attention to detail on Aerocool's part could make this case deserving of its $90 price tag. Also, if your looking to give your Radeon 5970 or Radeon HD 6990 a home, the Strike-X GT won't suffice. Then again, if you have the dough to purchase such a card, you probably had the Strike-X ST in mind anyways! Now if you are a budget builder looking for a flashy case with excellent cooling that is built to last, don't fret if the Strike-X GT was at the top of your list. There are several attractive alternatives for you to choose from. The $90 CM Storm Enforcer is still, in our honest opinion, the best bang for the buck in a mid-tower chassis. It talks the talk and walks the walk with a 200mm LED fan up front, space for an optional 200mm fan up top, and room for graphics cards up to 390mm in length with the front drive cage removed. It would also be foolish to pass up the ever popular $100 Antec 900 or military themed Cooler Master HAF 922 for $90.

Taking the features of a high end full tower and offering them in a smaller package is a popular activity among case manufacturers lately, and we applaud Aerocool for their efforts. The Strike-X GT concept certainly has the potential to appeal to a large crowd of gamers, but the current execution is quite rough around the edges. If Aerocool were to update the Strike-X GT with higher gauge steel, rubberized feet, and more durable paneling, we'd jump at the chance to give it a second look.


The Good


The Bad

  • Strike-X theme has high gamer appeal
  • Plenty of room for expanded cooling
  • HDD converter racks are versatile and sturdy
  • 0.6mm steel construction is flimsy
  • Plastic feet caused our unit to wobble
  • Plastic panel tabs are prone to breaking -- brittle plastic

NOTE: durability issues could be attributed to prior mishandling of our test unit


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