Aerocool Strike-X GT Mid-Tower Review - Interior





It comes as no surprise that the design of the Strike-X GT is focused on maximizing airflow. Despite only supporting 120mm fans throughout the interior, the Strike-X GT comes ready to house eight fans. Two red LED 120mm fans are included. The front, top, and left side panel each have room for dual fans, and a 7th fan resides at the rear of the case. The side panel has rubber grommets for dampening fan vibrations. Water cooling enthusiasts will find room for a dual 120 radiator in the top of the case. Aerocool pulls off an interesting trick to make room for even more fans by implementing a set of plastic HDD converter racks that can also mount a 120mm fan on the opposite side. Rest assured, there are mounting holes for both 2.5" and 3.5" drives. These racks can be mounted vertically or horizontally within the 5.25" bay housing that runs from top to bottom at the front of the case. If your build only requires a single 5.25" device and one or two 2.5" or 3.5" drives, you can really reap the benefits of this unique design to maximize the airflow through your system.

Moving on to the the micro-ATX/ATX compatible motherboard tray, we find a CPU cutout measuring a respectable 115mm square. It's nice they've included the cutout, but your motherboard will have to match it well for it to be of much use.  Three rubber-lined slots are available for routing cables to the opposite side of the case, where you will be hard pressed for space with just over 1cm between the motherboard tray and side panel. Tie-off points are located around the cable routing slots to keep things neat and tidy. The rear panel sports two water cooling ports, 7 PCI expansion slots, and a red illuminated 120mm fan.


Overall, the interior of the Strike-X GT is standard fare, although a closer look at the PSU filter revealed something rather surprising. The filter has been glued to the case rather than attached with screws or clips. Given the fact that the filter is not exposed on the underside of the case, users will have to resort to compressed air in order to clean it, an unnecessarily inconvenient design choice. If you don't mind puncturing the PSU filter, there is the option to mount a 140mm fan on the bottom of the case. Another thing to keep in mind is that the case is limited to graphics cards under 295mm in length. Nvidia owners are in the clear, but there are a few members of the AMD party that could be in trouble, specifically the 5970 and HD 6990.



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