Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Gaming Case Review - Installation


Installation is an absolute breeze.  Coolermaster took advantage of the large amount of room in the case without wasting any of it.  The result is the most effortless cable management you've done, we can almost guarantee it.  There are other large cases out there, but the Cosmos II simply takes the cake in terms of room and cabling flexibility.  Throw a modular power supply in this beast, and you might wonder for a second if the components have gone wireless.

DSC 0382DSC 0375

The Cosmos II's main panel, which is where the button and built-in fan controller buttons are located, has three-color LEDs for the fan function, and blue LEDs otherwise.  The fan control LEDs will change color depending upon speed, from red, to purple (red+blue), and then blue.  It's nice to have a visual indication of the fan setting when most built-in fan controllers have simple beeps which signal the current setting.  The front 200mm fan also has blue LEDs which diffuse nicely through the front filter and mesh, and adds a bit of lift to the grill design when your computer is turned off.  A feature nighttime computer users will love is the ability to toggle all of the LEDs on the case on or off with a single button push.

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