Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Gaming Case Review - Interior- Page 2

IMG 7333

DSC 0237DSC 0242

A glance at the rear side of the case reveals an enormous amount of room to work with your cabling.  An aspect which the picture doesn't immediately convey is how much depth there is to work with.  I've grown accustomed to the 24-pin motherboard power cable squeezing in as I attempt to slide the side panels back on.  In addition to having plenty of clearance for bundles of cables, the doors on the Cosmos II also have an advantage because they swing shut, instead of sliding, enabling even a tight fit to latch securely in place.

This image of the rear portion of the case reveals the raised power supply mount, which allows it added airflow from the cool air at the bottom of the case, and foam padding reduces vibrations, and the noise generated by those vibrations.

IMG 7271

IMG 7269IMG 7307

Evan Coolermaster's insignia is clean, calm, and composed in the Cosmos II.  It's tasteful, and maybe even adds a bit to the appearance.  The 5.25" drive bays have a simply "click-down" tool-less drive bay, which is as well-built as I've used.

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