Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Gaming Case Review - Introduction and Packaging


The Cosmos II demands attention.  It turns heads.  From the first time I saw it when the UPS man lugged it to the door and dropped off an enormous box wrapped in industrial static wrap in a towering box with structural cardboard lining the edges.  It's even more impressive when it's sitting before you and you slowly pull the plastic bag from the chassis, revealing a gorgeous slate of brushed aluminum on the side panels, and geometry inspired by supercars.  We've got alot to say about the highly anticipated Cosmos II case, so we'll save the details for the following pages!  We'll be heavy on the pictures to do it justice, and provide a gallery after each section.

DSC 0364

Special considerations must be made when shipping a chassis of aluminum and steel which weighs in at nearly 50 lbs.  The box is packed with standard molded styrofoam, but the box is beefed up with structural cardboard to protect it from drops and other handling mishaps which may be more prone from people losing grasp of a 50lb box.  It also came wrapped in industrial static wrap (saran wrap) to further protect the precious package inside.


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