Coolermaster CM Storm Trooper Full Tower Gaming Case Review - Installation and Final Thoughts


The true test of a case is how easy it is to build in, and particularly how easy it is to build in it cleanly.  To summarize my experiences with the Trooper, it can't get much better than this without them fitting it to a particular motherboard.  What took hours or even an entire day of modding and planning only a few years ago is done as easy as rod-A into slot-B.  The numerous large cable routing holes with its sleek rubber covers ensures you can run any cable right where you need it behind the motherboard... out of sight and out of mind.  It's difficult to elaborate much past that, because, like I said, it can't really get much easier or more convenient.  With two nicely sized holes on the top of the motherboard tray, running the CPU power cable behind the motherboard is as easy as can be.  There are plenty of mounts and included accessories to clean up the rest of the cables on the back of the motherboard tray.  Overall, fantastic job by Coolermaster in the cable management category!

Final Thoughts

The Trooper packs a punch when it comes to features.  The unique and groundbreaking features include the 4-in-3 rotatable and removable drive bays, the built-in fan controller, the X-dock 2.5-inch HDD dock, USB 3.0 built-in, rubber cable management hole covers, an integrated carry handle made for 90lbs of weight, numerous radiator and additional cooling options, and many removable fan filters for easy cleaning.  Overall, it provides all the benefits of a full tower with phenomenal cable management built-in, and the added mobility of a case with an easy carry handle.  It has as much as you could ask for from a standard full tower in terms of advanced cooling options, and Coolermaster has really left the door open for each builder to really make the Trooper their own.  It leaves little to ask for, and is a great case through and through.  And to throw in a little extra for the LAN gamer who will really benefit from the carry handle, the Storm Guard will keep your peripherals safe as well!  Many builders have been anxiously waiting for Coolermaster to come out with another full tower similar to their famed Stacker and Cosmos chassis, and the Trooper from CM Storm will certainly satisfy some of those cravings.


  • Superb cable management
  • Built-in fan controller
  • LED toggle
  • External slot-load 2.5-inch HDD port
  • USB 3.0 built-in
  • Versatile cooling
  • Numerous removable, easy to clean filters
  • Strong, comfortable carry handle
  • Large CPU retention hole for maximum compatibility
  • Removable and rotatable drive cages (including 2.5-inch cages)
  • Stowable (and removable) storage box


  • Handle adds to the height of the case without increasing interior room

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