Coolermaster CM Storm Trooper Full Tower Gaming Case Review - Pictures- Exterior


Each side panel of the Trooper has an outward-extended contour with large vents.  The back panel has vents to allow air to flow through the case when the drive bay mounted fans are facing sideways.  The front side panel allows for the drive-bay fans to vent or exhaust out of the side, and also has the capability to add two 120mm fans as well.  These vents allow for an airy, high airflow arrangement, and as we will see in a bit in more detail, leaves the builder with alot of options.

The front panel gives a glimpse of the full tower cases that longtime Coolermaster fans came to love, a large front face with mesh drive covers from top to bottom.  The front side has a few extra features than their previous brethren, which we will hit on in a bit.  The back follows the "all black" scheme of the rest of the case, and includes a 140mm exhaust fan, a bottom-mounted PSU, three watercooling holes, and Coolermaster's "Storm Guard" panel which allows you to route your peripheral cables (mice, keyboard, etc) and keep them from being easily unplugged and taken.  There are also 9+1 expansion slots opening up many options for multi-GPU setups and other cards, and the +1 slot is perfect for PWM or cathode controls.

Another great detail on the Trooper is their extensive use of easily removable fan filters.  The top and bottoms are completely filtered with removable filters, the front panels function as removable filters, and the side panels have built-in filters which can also be easily cleaned, keeping your heatsinks clean and efficient.  The top has a large vent, and covering it is a raised panel with mesh cutouts which also covers the handle bracket.  The handle conforms smoothly into this rear panel, and the primary support bracket is hidden inside of it.  The handle itself has a comfortable rubber grip, and much of the upper surface has a scratch-resistant rubberized coating to protect your case during travel.

As we mentioned earlier, there's alot going on, and alot to love about the Trooper's front panel.  CM Storm has equipped the front function panel with alot of features.  The very top I/O panel has two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, headphone and mic jacks, and an e-SATA port.  Surrounding the large power and reset buttons is a built-in fan controller which is capable of controlling both front fans and the 200mm top fan.  It allows an incremental speed control through a touch of the +/- buttons, with an audible beep feedback.  There is also a toggle switch for the fan LEDs, which is a nice touch, especially for those who leave their computers running at night. The particularly noteworthy feature is the built-in 2.5-inch slot-load drive bay.  Easily throw in a notebook drive or SSD as if it were a DVD or Blu Ray and you're set!

Along the bottom is also a removable panel which bears the "CM Storm" branding, and behind it is a removable tool/storage box.  It's secured by two screws, and is removable for more flexibility for bottom-mounted fans and radiators.


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