Sentey Black Box BX1-4234 v2.1 Mid Tower Case Review - Pictures- Internal

The BX1-4234 comes in an all-black interior.  All-black interiors used to be something that required hours of prep, care, and work.  All-black interiors have steadily become more of a "standard," and I'm happy to see Sentey follow that trend.  The finish is even, and quite nice, which is nice as well because I have seen many black interiors use a cheap, bumpy powdercoat.  We can also see the tool-less drive bays, and the bottom vent layout, where the 80mm HDD fan is underneath the drive cage.  You can see that he drive bay racks have holes in them to allow a hard drive to take advantage of it if it's not in the bottom slot.  One downfall of adding a fan there is that only the lower-most HDD would see a significant benefit from it.

An aesthetic consideration I rather like is that all of the tool-less tabs are red, which adds a nice contrast to the otherwise all-black interior and exterior.  Here we can see another feature which is becoming more and more standard, where just a few years heavy modding would be needed in the abundant cable management holes, and the CPU retention bracket hole which allows you to swap out coolers without having to remove the motherboard, which is especially helpful when trying to install large coolers.  I've found some coolers need to have the retention hole since you cannot secure the motherboard screws with the cooler installed.  Cable management is very easy a large number of conveniently placed holes.  The bottom vent allows for bottom-intaking for the power supply, allowing you to achieve thermal and airflow isolation of the power supply, the mesh filter will keep your power supply's internal components much cleaner as well.

The top has spots for two more 120mm fans, and with some clever arrangement, potentially large enough for a radiator to be fitted to it.  The side-facing HDD cage allows you to have all of your cables easily routed out of the back, out of sight and out of mind.  We can also see the front 120mm intake fan, tucked away in front of the hard drive bay, blowing fresh air over the hard drives and into the case.  The large holes in the drive cage is a very good detail by Sentey.  Many side-facing cages almost entirely choke off the front intake airflow, and this cage is particularly "airy."

The back is clean and overall very smooth.  There aren't any cable-tie points, however, which is one thing that would have been desirable.  The side panel comes with two included 120mm fans for intake and it is positioned to blow onto your primary thermal components, the video card and power supply, feeding them both fresh air rather directly.

The front LCD is very colorful and quite attractive.  The lights are subtle and aren't annoyingly bright, which is great for those who have PCs running at night in their bedroom.  The case runs very quietly, and still provides very good ventilation.  The front LCD panel is easy to use and is intuitive, which is a plus as well.

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