Sentey Black Box BX1-4234 v2.1 Mid Tower Case Review - Pictures- Exterior

The case displays many images of the BX1-4234, prominently highlighting its features and specifications over a modern industrial "metal mesh" background.

The front panel is constructed from a glossy, piano black colored plastic.  As you can see, it has concealed disc drive doors and two other external expansion bays for fan controllers, card readers, or other drive bay accessories.  There is also a 3.5-inch bay, and a small panel on the bottom with two USB 2.0 ports, and headphone and microphone jacks.  Below the Sentey insignia is a prominent feature of the front panel, which is the color LCD readout.  The readout will display a clock or timer, as well as the case temperature at the location of an included thermal transducer, as well as the fan speeds of a built-in fan controller capable of operating two fans.  It also has multi-function capability, as you can set a temperature threshold where the controller will automatically increase the fan speed to 100% until it is below the threshold, which is a definitely a great feature.

The rest of the case, made of out of steel, also sports a glossy finish, as can be seen in the pictures.  The paint finish is very nice, and is very smooth and uniform throughout.  The side panel houses two 120mm fans, which are included, and the top allows for an additional two 120mm fans to be installed.  The fit and finish of the side panels is snug, and the plastic front face is also snug and fits cleanly.

The back panel features water cooling holes, a 120mm exhaust fan, perforated expansion slot grills, the red knobs which serve as the tool-less mounting clips, and a bottom-mounted PSU.  The bottom itself has a large, filtered vent as well, which will help reduce dust being sucked into your case from your desktop/floor.  The large rubber feet keep it in place, and also minimizes vibration.  You'll also notice an 80mm fan vent for blowing air into the hard drive bay, and the front intake port on the bottom edge of the front of the chassis.

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