Coolermaster CM Storm Enforcer Mid-Tower Gaming Case Review - Pictures- Interior

The inside keeps everything uniform with an all-black interior.  The Enforcer has an above-average sized CPU retention hole, so you won't have to worry about your motherboard "fitting" in the hole to change coolers.  It's simply great to to not have to disassemble your system to swap coolers.  The motherboard tray also has grooves which may help routing small cables underneath the motherboard, although there are enough pre-cut holes to route very efficiently behind the motherboard tray.


The hard drive cage is easily removable and can also be rotated if you wish.  It can also be removed and the included 2.5-inch drive cage can be secured to the top of the bottom drive cage.  You can also clearly see CM Storm's tool-less drive mounting, which works as advertised and I have no gripes about them.

The motherboard tray also has holes in it near the top left for easy routing of CPU power and CPU cooler cables.  The PSU mount also has rubber feet to help minimize vibrations through the case, reducing noise.

The bottom PSU mount also has a filtered intake so you can mount your PSU upside down, which is great because it thermally isolates your case from your PSU.  The filtering will keep your PSU from getting clogged and jammed up with dust, causing overheating and potentially premature failure.  All fan cables come with 3-pin to 4-pin moles adapters, which means you won't have any trouble finding power for them using either a fan controller or just the motherboard/PSU.

I loved building in the Enforcer, and it's not often I can say that.  It was easy, almost too easy.  Careful planning and placement of the holes in the motherboard tray made routing cables right to where I needed them very easy.  Plenty of tie-mounts on the back further expedite an otherwise tedious cable management routine.  There is also above-average clearance between the motherboard tray and the side panel, so getting the side panel on was not an issue.  This was hands down the easiest cable management job in a Mid-tower case I've ever done, and the build looks mean and CLEAN.

The huge front 200mm intake is also filtered by a metal mesh.  The fan glows great with red LEDs and clear blades.  The great thing about 200mm fans is that they can move alot of air at low RPMs, and subesequently low noise levels.  The added width to entertain a 200mm intake adds sufficient clearance for even the tallest coolers or the widest video cards.


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