Coolermaster CM Storm Enforcer Mid-Tower Gaming Case Review - Pictures- Exterior

Following CM Storms Red/Black color scheme, the Enforcer box comes aggressively colored with plenty of illustrations showing all the of the features its packing.  A tasteful foreshadow for the case contained within.

The Enforcer has a large side window with black capped rivets, which will give you a great look inisde.  The rest of the case has very edgy, "armor plates" which are especially prominent in the front door.  The front has a large 200mm intake fan behind an ominous-looking front grill.

The Enforcer has an I/O panel and the power button on the upper portion of the case, with the CM Storm badge shown just below.  The front plastics over the fan keep a continuous profile while simultaneously maintaining an "armored" look without inhibiting the intake.  The door feels very sturdy and opens and closes smoothly and shuts softly.

The I/O panel on the top has two USB 2.0 ports and also a USB 3.0 connection, as well as mic/headphone jacks.  The power button has a red power LED "bar" above the power button.  The front 200mm intake fan has red LEDs as well.

The side window is very large, and has a nice shape as I'm happy they curved it a bit to keep it from being simply square, and the contour matches the rest of the case better.  The side panel also expands outwards a little bit to give extra clearance for any of the monster cooling components you might want or need.

The top has a grill large enough for another 200mm exhaust fan and has mounting for two 120mm fan as well.  The top also has a small channel where you could set a variety of things and it fits great if you wanted to set an external hard drive in that spot.

As we can see, the Enforcer has three watercooling holes, which ups the typical two.  A rear 120mm fan is also included, and all of the expansion slot covers are vented.  The storm guard system can also be seen on the right hand side, and also has venting.  I really like how they kept everything on the back black as well.  Finally we see a bottom-mounted PSU slot.


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