Coolermaster Centurion 5 II Red and Black Edition Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The red and black edition of the Coolermaster Centurion II is a flashy revision of a very solid all-around case.  Given it's price, the C5II would make a great case for a budget build, and even has the "goods" for use in a full-on gaming computer.  It's versatile, and packs alot of features.  In particular, the red and black color scheme is awesome, and with an increasing number of red and black themes components, you could put together a great looking build, but, at the very least, helps your case stand out a bit.

The case has plenty of cable management considerations, tool-less mounting design, a CPU retention bracket hole, a large LED 140mm intake fan, and a 120mm exhaust fan.  It also has plenty of options for additional cooling with either a top fan, a side panel fan (or two for the non-window versions), and a bottom PSU vent allows you to thermally isolate your PSU from the rest of the case.  The front panel includes an e-SATA port, and may be positioned wherever you'd like in the drive bay, which is a nice touch of customizability.  Overall a very feature-packed little mid-tower case, which really pays homage to the original Centurion 5, which was so highly recommended.

I'm not sure if the red and black edition of the Centurion 5 II will make it to the US market, but the C5II is a solid case in it's own, and may serve any large number of roles from budget build to a beast gaming machine.


  • Cable management holes/mount points
  • Retention hole
  • Tool-less
  • Great paint and finish
  • Bottom PSU vent
  • Moveable input panel with e-SATA


  • Drive bay impedes intake airflow


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