Coolermaster Centurion 5 II Red and Black Edition Review - Exterior


As you can see, the drive bays and motherboard tray are finished in a very rich, vivid red.  A red interior could quickly become "too much" for the inside of a case, but Coolermaster did a good job mixing the red and black colors.  The finish is above the standard powdercoating of many pre-painted case interiors.  It's very very smooth, and has a semi-gloss to it.  You can also see the bottom PSU vent, which has quickly become a standard on cases.  I like this because it allows you to thermally isolate you power supply from the rest of the case.  It also has anti-vibration rubber pieces in place to minimize noise and vibration from your PSU fan.

Here you can see the rubber PSU resting points for reducing vibration.  Another thing to look at on the motherboard tray are the cable management "tie points."  those little tabs that are punched out enable easy cable management on the back side of the motherboard tray by being able to attach zip ties or other cable restraints to them.  You can also see the back panel has tool-less tabs for effortless video and expansion card installation.  There is also one of Coolermaster's very nice R4-C2R-20AC-GP fans to exhaust air out of the back.  It is also noteworthy to mention another "new" standard for many cases, is that the motherboard tray has a hole for being able to change/install/replace your CPU cooler without having to remove the entire motherboard.  If you are someone who changes their cooler frequently, this is a must-have.

These are the tool-less drive mounting brackets.  They are very sturdy, and have a very strong, firm locking mechanism that ensures your components stay in place.

The 140mm front intake fan has red LEDs, which really completes the red and black color scheme.  These fans are quite quiet for the airflow they deliver, one thing I love about 140mm fans, and larger fans in general.  This picture gives you a very good look at the deep, rich red color that the inside is finished in, it's difficult to get a good representation because of how the flash interacts with the semi-glossy paint, but this picture represents it very well.  The drive bay, despite its many holes, does impede somewhat the intake airflow, especially with multiple hard drives mounted in the cage, although having the sideways cage allows easy cable management from your hard drives out of sight.

On the bottom of the motherboard tray is also a precut cable management hole, which will allow easy routing of the cables behind the motherboard tray, out of sight and out of mind.  You can also see, again, all of the zip-tie mounting points for cable routing and management.


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