Coolermaster Centurion 5 II Red and Black Edition Review - Exterior



The red and black edition, in an effort to show out it's upgraded interior colors, has added a large acrylic window, with a fan grill machined into it.  The window is held into place by very nice, capped rivets, which look very seamless in comparison to screws or bolts.  The front panel is very true to the original Centurion 5, with the distinct area for the power button, but it is moved up so that they could put a front 140mm LED intake fan in for added cooler ability.  They also upgraded the front panel, and moved that to the top of the case.  As you can also see, they've added a top vent capable of using another 140mm fan to exhaust hot air out of the top of the case.  The whole thing is finished in a very nice, matte black finish.

The side panel also had a small "handle" which aids in removing the side from the rest of the chassis.  As you can see from the milled fan mount, the acrylic is fairly thick, and is much sturdier than many windows I've seen.

Like I mentioned before, the front panel matches that of the original Centurion 5 distinctly, but it's been moved upwards to allow a 140mm intake along the bottom portion of the case.  The front input panel has been updated to have an e-SATA port, which is nearly a must these days.  Another nice feature is that the front input panel can also be moved to any other unoccupied drive bay that you wish.

On the back, you can see the alternating red/black rear I/O panel.  The back side panel has a small indent to make it easier to remove the panel, just as the other side does.  The Thumb screws are black/metallic anodized, and look pretty cool themselves.  There is also a rear 120mm exhaust fan, and added venting alongside the I/O panel.


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