Sentey Burton Extreme Divison Case Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

Sentey set out to build a case for computer enthusiasts and gamers, they gave us the Burton, and they've succeeded.  This has so many features, I have to re-read my review to remember them all.  From the great cable management features, the robust and feature-rich front panel with a card reader, e-SATA, and my favorite, regular SATA connectors, the concealed disc drive bays, the numerous fans, the top-notch finish, to the overall great styling, this case really has it all.  The only bone I have to pick with it is that the drive bay could be a little more open to not constrict the intake airflow as much, but is far from a deal breaker.  The red accents look great on the tool-less features, and having a CPU retention bracket hole is great, and I LOVE the all-black interior.  The case is very very solid, and the plastics are also not flimsy or cheap-feeling, but the gloss finish does show fingerprints.  But, hey, Sentey has us covered there too, with a micro-fiber cloth to clean those prints off it's smooth finish, and even a little toolbox with a screwdriver to keep your case accessories neat and on-hand when you need them.  The two 80mm fans come off cleanly on an easy to remove and conveniently opening bracket, and they've even taken the mess of cables out of the equation by powering them through hard-wired contacts... yeah, the Burton has it all.

The Burton creates a very versatile and flexible canvas for your build, and should be an absolute dream to build in, the biggest challenge for me now is to figure out which of my cases the Burton will replace!


  • Great quality and beautiful finish and black interior
  • Tons of fans
  • Many cable management holes, and CPU retention bracket hole
  • Card Reader/e-SATA/Regular SATA connectors
  • Solid tool-less design
  • Concealed drive slots
  • Bottom vents


  • Shows fingerprints (remedied with an included micro fiber cloth)
  • Rather closed drive bay blocks intake


This is a great case, and ringing in at just a bit over $100 this case may have as good of value as any case out there.  It brings it all, and shows an immaculate attention to detail, and looks fantastic at the same time!

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