Sentey Burton Extreme Divison Case Review - Interior


The case also comes with a couple wonderful additions, one being a microfiber cloth the keep that glossy black finish just that, glossy, and fingerprint free.  It also comes with a very nice Accessory box which includes a screwdriver, some mounting pins, a speaker, and the various screws, and it stows inside the case.  It also comes with a basic user manual that most cases come with.

Another thing I love about this case... the all black and red-accented interior.  It looks great.  Plenty of wire-routing holes which are truly invaluable to wire management.  Basically every tool-less latch is accented in red, which is neat.  The side also has a bar with two 80mm fans which blow right over video cards and/or the North Bridge on the motherboard.  This bracket opens easily by giving it a light push to release it, and a subsequent push to secure it back into place.  This door is hiding another secret feature, one that makes me want to clap.  The fans are wired into the edge of the bracket, so that it connects via contacts when the bracket is fully closed.  That's right, side fans without having your side fans tethered to your case every time you want to do some work on the inside!  The whole bracket releases quite easily, and swings open to get out of your way if you don't want to fully remove it.

Here we can see the rear 120mm fan exhaust fan, and the red card clampts for tool-less installation.  There is also a large CPU-cooler retention bracket hole, a feature now becoming relatively standard, and it's an absolute joy for someone like me who is changing coolers quite often to not have to fully disassemble the computer.

The drive cage slides out nicely, and rides on plastic tracks, and the drive boxes slide out and clip nicely into the cage.  This makes wiring to the rear of the case incredibly easy and keeps you wires really clean.  The fairly bulky and closed drive bay does inhibit intake airflow from the front fan somewhat, however.  Drive boxes could be removed to help remedy this.

The motherboard tray has tons of holes for routing cables, more than any I've seen, and the Burton should be an absolute dream for cable management.  Long gone are the days of hacking apart your motherboard tray in the name of cable management, and Sentey wants that thought to never cross your mind.

Here, you can see the numerous ways that cable management can be achieved.  There's a hole to route hard drive cables from the rear of the drive bay, and large holes for your larger main board and CPU power cables.  There are also several wire harnesses on the back preinstalled, super convenient.  Also, the fan cables come pre-wired to the front fan controller, and they've neatly wired and secured it all straight from the factory... it seems to just keep getting better.  I can easily see the cleanest build I've ever done in this case, without the hours of planning and routing that other cases took.  It takes all the work out of cable management!

The bottom also has two vents, one which can be used for bottom mounting your PSU with the fan facing downward.  One thing I love about that is that it thermally isolates the PSU from the rest of the case, and helps keep ambient temps down.  The other could be used for another intake fan.  The bottom vent has a very fine plastic "filter" to keep all the dust from your floor/desk/etc from sucking straight up into your case or power supply.  The PSU slot also has rubber anti-vibration pads, which is another great inclusion, it seems no stone was left unturned and all ideas considered for this case, and they brought it all to the table, and at a great price!


I have to take a moment to mention the general finish of this case... it's fantastic.  It's awesomely uniform, and the interior paint is as nice as I've seen for an all-black interior.  It's just great to see a culmination of quality, ingenuity, and style come together in a premium combination at an affordable price!


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