Aerocool Bx-500 Mid Tower Case Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

Aerocool has a winner in my book, plain and simple.  They've covered everything I'd want in a case, and even put in some things I wouldn't have thought to ask for, like the additional PCB board for easy and tidy connection of all fans.  The screwless design is flawless and sturdy, it has anything I would desire for cable management, precut holes, built-in cable ties, rear mountable HDDs.  A rear CPU vent is a nice touch, and the ability to change out CPU coolers without having to remove the motherboard is a god-send!  Everything is rock solid, and feels more like a ~$200 case in terms of build quality.  There is no shortage of airflow possibilities either, with the capability of up to 10 fans in total.  Bottom PSU intake vents are something I've grown very fond of, and was very pleased to see Aerocool make this addition as well, and the anti-vibration features for the PSU mount top it off.  The front panel has a ton of ports, including four USB and an e-SATA port, tastefully concealed by a click-to-open door on a very clean top panel.  The whole design is clean and neat but certainly not routine or boring in any way.  The case is also a bit longer, which gives us extra room to work and manage our cables, and, more importantly, ensures that that new beast video card will fit without any issues.  I really don't know what, if anything, I'd think to change in how this was built, or the features that were included in it!


  • Additonal PCB fan power boards
  • Tons of cable management features
  • Solid Construction
  • Great airflow, supports tons of fans
  • Bottom PSU vent and anti-vibration pads
  • Awesome, completely tooless design
  • Very roomy for a mid-tower case


  • What cons?


This is a great case, and we are excited to have this case house our primary test machine, and we would heartily recommend this case, and give it the Tech Kings Crown for a recommended product!

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