Aerocool Bx-500 Mid Tower Case Review - Interior



The interior of the BX-500 is, in my mind, what really sets the BX-500 apart in many aspects from any other case I've personally handled.  They took everything into consideration, and seemed to nail it! It has a very sturdy and completely tooless interior, squeeze and slide drive bays with built-in rear-mounting functionality to reduce HDD cable clutter.  The bottom has a filtered fan port for an additional intake, and venting on the bottom so that a PSU may be mounted with the fan either facing up or down.  I really like cases that allow you to have the PSU intake from the bottom and exhaust directly out the back, since it makes the PSU thermally isolated from the rest of the case, and should help keep ambient case temperatures down.  There are many more details of the interior that I'm a huge fan of, and will touch on those in more detail!

The bottom of the case alone has alot noteworthy going on.  First, the PSU mount has a bottom vent for allowing the PSU to intake from outside the case, and an additional lower vent for further PSU ventilation.  Note the attention to detail in the small rubber feet for the PSU to rest on to minimize vibration, and there is a small rubber pad on the back panel as well to further minimize vibration noise.  The bottom intake port is also a nice feature, and the built-in filter is a great addition.  Another of my favorite features of the BX-500 is the standalone PCB port for connecting fans, which will allow great options for cable management, and keeping your motherboard clean.  There are two of these, one being plugged into this primary one, as can be seen, and a single molex powering them all.  On the upper right, you also see the built-in cable ties which will enable effortless cable management and retention.  Also note the precut holes which will allow you to route your cables behind the motherboard tray, keeping things clean and airflow un-interrupted.

This is the vent which is behind the motherboard directly under the CPU, and may be easily removed by removing the rear side panel and removing four screws, which also enables you to install or change CPU coolers without having to remove the entire motherboard.

The HDDs are installed quickly by placing them in a rubber HDD tray, and sliding them into their respective slot.  They are held very firmly in the cage, and they have the added benefit of vibration reduction resting in the rubber trays.  This arrangement also enables effortless rear mounting of the hard drive to conceal the hard drive cables, further giving the interior of your case a clean look.

The tooless drive bay is effortless and very sturdy, installation is literally a snap.  Also, Aerocool has conveniently places all case screws you might need in a row on the drive cage, keeping them there when you need them, yet out of the way.

The front panel consists of solid punchout inserts, and the cage itself is very sturdy.

The back panel shows the precut cable management slots, and the ample room available to route your cables out of sight and out of mind behind the tray.  I'm excited to put our test system in this case to see how clean it will all look!  There is even a cable tie in the back to keep it all neat and tidy, Aerocool has covered all the bases!

The case also comes with numerous 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapters, as well as motherboard standoffs and relevant screws, as well as an instruction manual.


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