Aerocool Bx-500 Mid Tower Case Review - Exterior


The BX-500 has a very open and clean profile.  The top panel breaks up an otherwise very smooth rectangular shape, without being overbearingly dominant like many recent designs have been.  Its simplicity is one of the things I became very fond of, yet it is certainly not boring, either.  Along the top we see the two included 140mm fans as exhausts for the top vent, and the massive window which may house up to 4 140mm fans.  The top panel includes a small section to set something in, say your keys or phone, the power button, and a very well done external panel as well.

Here is a closer look at the top vent, and the included orange, 140mm exhaust fans.  The paint and finish is very clean and smooth, and has a very satisfying matte finish to it.  The case is very sturdy, all the pieces mesh and fit very well, and feels like an expensive case does, despite being relatively inexpensive.

The top front of the case has a rounded profile, wit hthe power button on the top, and the HDD LED indicator along the front curve.  The front panel is hidden by a door, which with a small push will pop open revealing four USB ports, a firewire port, a microphone and audio port, the reset button, and my favorite feature of the front panel, a built-in e-SATA port.  You can also see the small tray on the top for setting anything your hear so desires.

I also like how Aerocool's aluminum front mesh panels look, as they provide good airflow while still appearing to be mostly solid, and their smaller holes in the mesh give it a very clean and continuous look, not so broken up as other meshes, and provides a welcome contrast to the appearance of the rest of the case.

The back side panel of the case also has a hole for an 80mm fan to provide cooling to the back of the processor, and the back of the motherboard in general.  I'm not entirely sure how much of a difference this would make, but it would certainly help, and quite possibly help wick away heat quickly from the back of the processor as you are squeezing every bit out of your overclock as you can!

The back panel is fairly standard, with a 120mm exhaust fan, a bottom-mounted PSU, and plenty of slots for video/sound/PCI cards.  A very nice touch on the BX-500, however, is its inclusion of watercooling holes for both a CPU loop as well as a GPU loop.  The back panel is constructed in a very sturdy fashion, which differs from many ~$100 cases, which skimp on the rear panel, and it seems that I end up bending it up when I'm installing components, no fears of that here.



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