NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Review



Kepler has been making a splash in the graphics market for some time, but NVIDIA is very excited to release the GTX 600 series into the heart of the market.  The GTX 660 takes the GTX 560 Ti, and the GTX 460 before it's place as the value card in NVIDIA'S lineup.  It will hit shelves with an MSRP of $229, square in the middle of the market.  Kepler will bring great power efficiency, which means the cards will be cooler and quieter, while still providing significant performance improvements over the venerable GTX 560 Ti, and enough of an upgrade to pull users a few generations back to the present day.


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660

The GeForce GTX 660 is built for fast and fluid 1080p gaming in the latest DirectX 11 and NVIDIA PhysX enables games. Packed with all the kepler features found in the flagship GTX 680, GeForce GTX 660 delivers the ideal fusion of power, performance, and affordability


  • Kepler GPU Architecture
  • NVIDIA GPU Boost
  • NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync



  • NVIDIA Surround with Up To Four Monitors
  • TXAA AntiAliasing
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision® Ready


  • NVIDIA SLI® Technology
  • NVIDIA PhysX® Technology
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Courtesy of NVIDIA



GPU Engine Specs

CUDA Cores

Base Clock (MHz)   980      
Boost Clock (MHz)   1033      
Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec)   78.4      
Memory Specs
Memory Clock  6.0 Gbps      
Standard Memory Config  2048 MB      
Memory Interface  GDDR5      
Memory Interface Width  192-bit GDDR5      
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)  144.2      
Feature Support
Open GL  4.3      
Bus Support  PCIe 3.0      
Certified for Windows 7  Yes      
Supported Technologies  3D Vision, 3D Vision Surround. CUDA. DirectX 11. PhysX 11, SLI, TXAA, FXAA, Adaptive    VSync, GPU Boost      
3D Vision Ready   Yes      
Display Support
Multi Monitor  4 displays      
Maximum Digital Resolution  2560 x 1600      
Maximum VGA Resolution  2048 x 1536      
HDCP  Yes      


Standard Display Connectors  One Dual Link DVI-I, One Dual Link DVI-D, One HDMI, One DisplayPort      
Audio Input for HDMI  Internal      
Standard Graphics Card Dimensions
Length  4.376 inches      
Height  9.5 inches      
Width  Dual-slot      
Thermal and Power Specs
Maximum GPU Temperature (°C)  97 °C
Maximum Graphics Card Power (W)  140 W      
Minimum System Power Requirement (W)  450 W      
Supplementary Power Connectors  One 6-pin      
3D Vision Ready
3D Blu-Ray  Yes      
3D Gaming  Yes    
3D Photos  Yes     
Courtesy of NVIDIA

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