Coolermaster NA 120 Universal Notebook Adapter Review


The days of wondering whether or not you have the correct power cord for your notebook are over.  Coolermaster's NA 120 has taken all of the guesswork away by simply covering all the bases (well, except for Macbooks...).



NA 120 universal notebook power adapter is a great back-up adapter for your notebook. It is eco-friendly and is Energy Star Level V certified, which makes it use energy 88% more effectively. NA 120 includes ten different tips which allow you to charge any brand of notebook. The NA 120 is suitable for high performance notebooks and gaming notebooks.




 Includes 10, color coded, easy to install power couplings to ensure charging compatibility with any brand.

 2.)  Up to 88% efficient earning an energy star, level V.
 3.)  Includes a dustproof carrying bag.
 4.)  Blue LED power indicator.




 Tip Color:   Brand Compatibility: 
 Orange  Acer, Asus, HP, Compaq, Benq
 Red  Acer
 Blue  Acer, Asus, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo
 Green  Acer, Asus, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Gateway, NEC, MSI
 Gray  Acer, Asus, Compaq 
 White  Sony
 Black  Dell, HP, Compaq
 Yellow  IBM, Lenovo
 Purple  Samsung
 Pink   HP


 Dimensions:   167 x 65 x 37 mm (6.57 x 2.56 x 1.46 in) 
 Weight:  0.66 kg (1.45 lb)
 Input Voltage:   100 - 240 V (full range)
 Input Frequency:   50 - 60 Hz
 Operation Temperature:   5 - 40 ℃
 Protection  OVP / OCP / SCP / OTP
Warranty  2 years

*Dimensional and performance data courtesy of Coolermaster.




Despite the no-thrills nature of power adaptors, Coolermaster has managed to make the box for the NA 120 catch the eye.  The vibrant magenta border and lettering that neatly trims the box really draws one to pick it up and have a look-see.  On the front is a simple photograph of the heart of the device, and the back proudly displays what truly makes this a great thing to have...universal compatibility.





Inside the box we find the traditional semi-glossy black brick with a rather modest Coolermaster brand label, however the real clever aspect comes in a plain plastic bag.  To make sure the ten little tips don't get scattered and lost, a hard rubber retaining boot is included. The tips fit snugly into the retainer, and since the rubber is somewhat flexible, they're still easy to remove.  Finally, the drawstring bag ensures that everything is kept together, because you never know when you or an attractive stranger might need to bump a charge into a notebook, perhaps over coffee...


The cable ends have a round shape with a single flat side that the various ends plug into, and the electrical connection through the means of two prongs recessed in the wire connection.  The wire is shielded to help filter our excess electrical noise coming from the power brick.  The chord running from the brick to the wall uses a standard symmetrical plug, and a pleasant diffused blue LED lets you know when it's tapping power from the wall.  The permanent chord attached to the brick has an integrated velcro tie to keep the chord tidy, especially when you're taking it on-the-go. 


Final Thoughts

The NA 120 is a star in terms of convenience.  If used in conjunction with multiple computers and while retaining their original power adapters, I can have the NA 120 as a mainstay in my backpack while the stock power bricks remain as "permanent" attachements at my workstation.  I have a personal and work laptop, which of course use different connectors.  I have the stock power bricks neatly setup at their respective desks, cable management at all, and all I need is the NA 120 in my bag, and I'm set.  Convenient to say the least.  The same goes for when a buddy is wanting to borrow a quick charge, I'm always prepared for that, assuming they have a PC.


As far as performance, the design looks about as good as I'd expect from the stock adapters.  It has a beefy profile, which in some ways might be a bit awkward in your bag, depending if you're using a backpack or messenger-style bag.  A flatter design would work better for fitting in slim compartments, but the squared-off design is pretty good for end pockets or deeper bag spaces.  It's also heavier than most notebook power bricks at 1.5lbs, apart from those needed for tech-notebooks or desktop replacements, but it does supply enough power for probably 95% of notebooks out there, including high-end gaming or graphics machines.


Cooler Master's NA 120 runs a bit warm, as you'd expect from any adapter.  It's thicker profile doesn't appear to make it any warmer, likely due to its relatively-efficient 88% efficiency design, and we didn't observe anything worrisome in terms of heat output or power fluctuations.  We always say that no news is good news when it comes to power componentry.   


Now, let's talk price.  The target MSRP for the NA 120 is $59.99, which is less than most OEM replacement chargers for a 60W adapter.  Adapters in the 120-130W range are $90+.  Of course there are a lot of generic charger options out there, but believe us when we say that one of the far most potentially-damaging components of any system is the power delivery components.  A cheap charger might get you by, but all it takes is a power surge from the outlet, and the adapter having now built in surge or over-current protection to say goodbye to your notebook's motherboard, and possibly more.  Choosing a trusted brand in power components, such as the OEM solutions, which will definitely cost you, or from a leading in the PC power supply business, like Cooler Master, is the only way we'd recommend to go.  And the universal comatibility is the icing on the cake alongside the better value than many other options out there.





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