MiLi Power Shine External Power Bank Review


The MiLi Power Shine is built for those who demand versatility from their portable chargers. Packing 4000mAh, two USB ports, and adapter plugs for today's most popular phones and tablets, the Power Shine is ready to replenish two devices several times over. Read on to find out just how well this power bank pays out.


The MiLi Power Shine is an external power bank designed to work with iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone & any other device using micro USB. Packed with 4000mAh of awesome, this power bank will truly let your device shine to it's fullest potential.


  • 2 USB output, charges 2 devices simultaneously
  • charges tablet PC by 5V/2.1A output
  • high compatibility, Apple cable and Micro USB cable included



  • Battery: lithium-polymer
  • Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Micro USB input: 5V/1A
  • Output: 5V/2.1A (max) for both output
  • Product dimension: 114×58×16.5mm



The Power Shine comes encased in an attractive black and blue box that showcases it's serious power-delivering chops. A magnetically secured flap gives buyers a clear look at the device and it's ability to keep a modern tablet on life support without missing a beat. Opening the box reveals the included USB to Apple 30-pin and USB to adapter plug cables. Adapter plugs for micro USB and Samsung 30-pin help lengthen the list of potential Power Shine users.


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