Installing ScytheCPU Cooler Using Bolt-Through Bracket (SCYS-1000 Yasya) - Step 4- Mounting


Now that you've got all the parts made, you should be ready for mounting.  You would do this in essentially the same fashion as you would with the push-pins, except now you have a bolt-through mounting solution!  Follow the instructions on your thermal paste for proper thermal paste application, and gently set you cooler onto your CPU, as centered as you can.

Now slide the bolts with the washers on them through the mounting bracket, and into the rear mounting bracket.  One thing to be careful of: keep an eye on the back of the bracket, and make sure the screws do not extend out the back of the bracket, ensure they are flush.  Not taking care in this little detail may improperly ground or, worse, short your motherboard and/or CPU.

Your mount should now look something like this!


Congratulations, you've now mounted your Scythe cooler using a bolt-through bracket!  Now enjoy the peace of mind of a very solid mounting solution, and the performance benefits that come along with it!  I experienced a 5°C decrease in my load temperatures and a 3ºC decrease at idle versus the cooler using the push pins!

If you have any questions, or would like any more information, feel free to jump over to The Forums and feel free to ask!

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