Graphics Card (GPU) Buying Guide - 2015

GF GTX Titian Z top 2Height DarkerPCI

What is the best graphics card for my budget?  What graphics card do I need for a new game I want?  What is the least expensive graphics card to run your programs?  Many questions, let us help you find the right answer with our awesome 2015 graphics card buying guide!


How to Fix LED Error/Debug Code 62 on Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H

During testing of some of Nvidia's new GTX 650 and GTX 660 graphics cards, we ran into an interesting issue.  The computer would turn on, show the BIOS splash screen but won't enter the BIOS and any other keyboard shortcut functions like "Del" or "F8" are seemingly ignored.  A single POST beep would be heard, and it would repeat every 5 seconds or so.  Sometimes, if you left it, it would eventually boot Windows, but the adapter wouldn't be recognized in Windows 7 64-bit when it would boot, but would show as a "VGA Display Adapter" instead of "Nvidia GTX 650 Ti" or its respective model number regardless if the appropriate driver was installed or not.  Other times, after the repeated POST beeps, a blank screen would be seen with LED debug Code A9.


main bios screen