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CES 2013 In Review: Cooler Master


Cooler Master usually has a lot to show us at CES, and this year was certainly no exception.  All of Cooler Master's major product lines were on display with new products, and our video after the break will give you a look at a few of the highlights.


Cooler Master's 2013: Cases, Coolers, Keyboards, and More



It's early but it's already shaping up to be a great year for Cooler Master and their fans.  From expanded lineups to the revamping of old favorites such as the Centurion and ATCS series (and some cool stuff we can't talk about yet), we're excited to see what 2013 holds for Cooler Master, and we think you should be too.


Cooling Solutions




If you thought the original V8 was a monster of a cooler, check out this behemoth that is even edgier than its predecessor! Not only does the V8 GTS come with a pair of 140mm LED-equipped fans and a massive set of fins, it also sports a horizontal vapor chamber, which has been integrated into the baseplate.


Eisberg Series


In the auto industry, German engineering is synonymous with quality. Now Cooler Master is bringing German engineering into the water cooling world with the Eisberg series. Models with 120mm and 240mm radiators are available, along with a standalone pump unit called the Solo. Solid copper construction promises optimum heat dissipation, and users can swap in their own hoses and other components for more tailored performance. Each water cooling unit also comes with a convenient side window to check for unwanted air bubbles.  This is a perfect gateway for someone who wants to begin experimenting with a custom watercooling solution but doesn't yet have the time or money, or perhaps is intimidated by a full-custom setup.  Cooler Master has carved out a unique segment with the Eisberg series and nobody offers anything quite like it.


Hyper 212X


Cooler Master's top selling Hyper 212 series gets an upgrade in the form of the Hyper 212X. New for 2013 is an updated fan with improved airflow performance and Cooler Master's new POM fan bearing for smooth, silent, and reliable operation.


Sidon 120XL


The Seidon series gets two new additions to the family for 2013; the 120XL to be launched in March and a 240mm model for larger applications.  The Seidon has a new pump and a slightly lower-profile and edgier baseplate to compete with many of the other all-in-one cooling solutions out there.


TPC 612


Last year Cooler Master showed off their innovative vertical vapor chamber technology housed inside the TPC 812. The TPC 612 packs the same vertical chamber tech in a more compact package for easier mounting inside tighter cases.


Jetflow Fans

When you need to move a high volume of air, these new Jetflow Fans aim to get the job done with sharply angled blades and Cooler Master's new POM bearings. Capable of moving over 100 cubic feet of air per minute at 2200RPM, these fans pack a wallop without blistering your eardrums.




CM Force 500

The CM Force 500 is one of several budget cases built for the Latin American market. It is also one of the first cases in the world to support a side-mounted 240mm radiator. At an MSRP of approximately $50, even a budget build has the capacity to pack some serious cooling power.


Centurion 6

The classic Centurion line has just received a facelift in the form of the Centurion 6. New metal meshing (which looks and feels great), aluminum side trim, full 240mm radiator support, and front panel USB 3.0 are just a few of the reasons to be excited about this great mid-range offering.




The Cooler Master N200 is the "base model" of a whole line of cases with a focus on versatile interior layouts and water cooling support in a simple and affordable chassis. A 240mm radiator can fit behind the front panel, and we managed to spy several unique SSD mounting locations.  The series ranges from N200, N400, and to N600 with increasing size, and the N300 and N500 offer a similar size but slightly rounded styling compared to the square looks of the even-numbered series.


Scout II Ghost White Advanced


You may have already seen the updated Scout II, but have you caught a glimpse of the Ghost yet? Both the "Ghost White" and black versions of the Scout II Advanced come with a refined front mesh, a trio of 120mm fans, and removable dust filters. Keeping with the very prominent water cooling theme of Cooler Master's booth, both demo units were sporting 120mm radiators.


ATCS 710


This retro all-aluminum chassis stole the show at Cooler Master's booth. Cooler Master has taught this old dog a couple of new tricks by implementing a fully modular interior with removable drive trays. You also get a sliding top panel with USB support, enough space for a 240mm radiator inside, removable dust filters, and of course, that all-aluminum build you might have been yearning for.


Power Supplies



For 2013, Cooler Master is rolling its line of power supplies to an alphanumeric naming scheme. The 80 Plus Bronze rated i600 is a prime example. The i600 will be joined later in the year by 500 watt and 800 watt PSUs, forming a solid entry-level offering.



For those wanting to up the ante with their power usage, the fully modular V1000 is a great looking PSU with a steel and aluminum enclosure. If efficiency and reliability are your concern, the 80 Plus Gold certification has got you covered.


Gaming Peripherals

Quickfire Rapid


The Quickfire Rapid receives a minor facelift for 2013 with fewer logos, a new bezel, and optional "stealth" caps for a cleaner look and greater longevity for the laser-printed keys. You get the same great Cherry MX switches and N-key Rollover as before.


Quickfire XT

The big brother to the Quickfire Rapid boasts a full 104 keyset, Costar stabilizers, and the thinnest bezel of any Cherry MX steel-plated keyboard on the market. The user can also choose to equip their board with Cherry MX Red, Blue, Black, Brown, and Cooler Master's exclusive Green switch. The mini-USB connector has been swapped out for a more durable full-sized port.


Quickfire TK


Rounding out Cooler Master's Quickfire series is the Quickfire TK, a backlit keyboard with a unique number pad block with navigation keys. Like the other members of the Quickfire family, the TK comes equipped with Cherry MX switches and USB mode N-key rollover.




Once you've used one of Cooler Master's new Cherry MX Green switches, it's hard to imagine using anything else. They offer full key travel with greater resistance than Blues for some really awesome feedback, as close as a cherry will get to a buckling switch providing stiffer "click" feedback. On-the-fly macro switching is available as standard.


Recon Mouse


Colored to match the new Ghost White Scout II Advanced, Quickfire TK, or system of your choice, the Recon mouse comes equipped with an Avago 3090 optical sensor, adjustable lift-off distance, and 4 LED zones.


Aluminum Series


Fans of customizing their gear to the max will love Cooler Master's Aluminum Series of peripherals. Headsets, keyboards, mice, and mousepads alike can be laser etched with team names, company logos, or any other graphics that you desire. Cooler Master will be releasing more information about this line of products in the near future, so stay tuned!


Mobile Accessories


Cooler Master's mobile lineup has grown substantially since their handful of Apple-inspired products hit the market.  A number of all-aluminum stands which collapse for easy transport should have many the Apple owner happy.  Several of their new products are in the final stages of Apple store approval, where they'll be offered exclusively to accompany your Apple gear, having passed the most stringent Apple requirements for third-party products.  Many of their iPad stands/mounts also work with a number of Android tablets if they catch your eye.  I'm a bit of a carbon fiber nut myself so their carbon fiber-eqsque Smart Covers for iPads struck a soft spot for me.  A number of laptop coolers were also seen, including a refresh of the hardcore laptop cooler, the CF-19.  They also showed off several casual laptop coolers with padding to be used comfortably on your lap, so Cooler Master is covering alot of bases this year, and we're excited to see it all come together!


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