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Review Philosophy


Our ultimate goal in any review is to provide our readers the information for them to answer the question, “should I buy this for my budget and intended use?” Whether you’re looking for the best-of-the-best or for the quiet and power-efficient or anywhere in between, our aim is to provide you with honest, comparative information to help you make the best decisions for you.

We’ve implemented a comment system and an easily-accessible “Contact Us” button so that you can provide us with feedback to help us improve or if you have any further questions. So if we haven’t provided the information you’re looking for, tell us what we can add in the future, or ask us the question you have in mind, because we might just have the answer. Drop us a line and “Like” us on Facebook or Follow on Twitter, our purpose is to serve our readers, and any feedback we get from you, positive or negative, will only help us do a better job!

We strive to provide a level of detail that points out the important features, inside and out, of a product, but we also try not to bog down our readers with too much technical detail. If you would like to see us provide a greater technical context, let us know, otherwise there’s no way we’ll know you’re looking for it!


What if you run into problems during testing?

If we run into problems with the products we use, and we have, we allow the manufacturer to help us resolve the issue before we publish the review. The problem will be noted in the review, along with the comments from the manufacturer, and how we were able to resolve it (if any solution was found). Our core ideal is honesty and transparency, because without those philosophies, we will not be helping you make the best decision for yourself.


Where do you get your samples? Do you get paid to write reviews?

We will never accept payment to write a review. We’re often shocked when we receive review requests and are greeted by the questions, “… and how much does it cost to have the review published.” We’ve heard it often enough that it’s clear there are many out there who request payment to write a review for a product. We believe this skews the objective nature of a review, and it becomes a monetary activity, and not an informative one.

Our review samples are usually provided by a manufacturer, and many times we are allowed to retain the item for use in further testing, or for personal use. High-valued items are almost always required to be returned, and the sample is then given to the next tester in their review queue.


Review Awards

An important note about awards is what they’re actually saying and what they mean. We have awards that are fairly common, and some that are quite difficult to earn. We’ll detail them below.


Tech Kings Crowned Product (Recommended)


Our primary criterion for this award is the answer to the question, “would you recommend this to your friend if it fit their budget and intended use?” The primary qualification for this award is that there are no glaring flaws, and that it stacks up well against similar products in its same price range and purpose.

For instance, a gaming mouse that costs the same or less than other comparable mice but performs as good or better would be considered for the “Crowned Product Award.” It’s as good as the other mice for the same price or lower, and if our friend asked us if they should buy it, there’s nothing keeping us from saying, “no.”